Participant Preparation Information Sheet

Exploring Personal Financial Information Management Among Young Adults Participant Preparation Information Sheet

Dear potential participant, thank you for your interest in this study. The purpose of this document is to provide more information about the guided tour technique and instructions on how to prepare for the researcher’s visit. Please feel free ask questions or raise concerns at any time throughout the research process.

About the Guided Tour Technique

The guided tour technique is a standard method for understanding how people engage in recordkeeping practices. The technique involves the participant inviting the researcher into the space they keep their records (such as a home office) and to explain, in your own words, how you manage your documents. The researcher will ask to take a photo of your personal workspace, such as your desk.

On the guided tour, you will be asked to show the researcher where you store your personal financial documents, to explain how those documents are organized (if at all), and to describe ways in which you use those documents in everyday contexts. The researcher will ask questions about how computers, cellphones, and the Internet are incorporated into these practices and spaces. The researcher will also ask to take photos of sample documents.

How to Prepare for the Guided Tour

Very little preparation is required on your part as a participant but the researcher asks that you adhere to the following basic guidelines to help ensure the highest degree of accuracy for the study:

  1. Please resist the urge to clean up spaces before the guided tour!Real life is messy and we understand! There is no need to tidy up spaces in preparation for the guided tour. The researcher is not there to judge how neat or tidy your space is. In fact, the more “unprepared” your space is, the more accurate our results will be.
  2. Please inform roommates or family members about the guided tour!In order to respect the privacy of roommates or family members who might be present at the time of the guided tour, please let them know that the researcher will be coming. If they object to the research, please inform the researcher as soon as possible. Let them remove personal items from the space if needed.
  3. Keep in mind that there are no right or wrong recordkeeping practices!We are interested in knowing about your everyday experiences and challenges.

    There is no need to impress or perform for the researcher in any way.

  4. Remember personally identifying information will not be used as data!This includes account balances, account numbers, etc. How much money you have is not important in this research. Sticky notes will be available for you to hide any sensitive information. You will have an opportunity to review and approve all photos taken during the tour. Any disclosure of such information will be held in strict confidence and not treated as data.